The Emmie AI engine from Terranoha brings natural language processing to trading desks

Chat data that contains complex financial language is processed by our Natural Language Processing (NLP) trading technology. It converts these unstructured resources into highly accurate, structured data for automation.

Emmie AI’s NLP trading capabilities are designed to understand and interpret complex trader conversations. A wide range of financial instruments can be recognized by it.

By streamlining workflows and enabling quicker and more efficient trading and settlement, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the financial services industry.

Emmie AI uses NLP to extract quote, trade data that powers applications such as chatbots, text analytics, voice assistants, and voice recognition transcripts. The ability of a computer program to understand human speech.

DEEP LEARNING refers to the development of analytics models using complex artificial neural networks. AI in finance uses deep learning techniques for natural language processing and speech recognition.


Fintech that uses AI and NLP is used by a variety of financial institutions and in the forex market. By saving time, capturing data, and meeting compliance requirements, this technology can increase business efficiency. AI and NLP can give businesses a competitive advantage in multiple ways:

  • Real-time chat and voice workflow capture increase trader productivity.
  • RFQs can be tracked in real-time from voice & chat, to comply with MiFID RTS27 recordkeeping requirements.
  • Voice data and text can now be searched and used for compliance and legal requirements.
  • By analyzing performance and results, you can avoid missing out on trading opportunities.
  • NLP and AI in finance can provide data that can be quickly integrated into front-, middle-, and back-office operations.

Trading desks today strive for faster pricing and execution. Effortless communication is essential in a modern workflow. In addition, settlement and reporting processes should be streamlined. Compliance requirements are becoming more complex and broadening. Trading desks are being transformed by AI and NLP innovations, and Terranoha is uniquely positioned to deliver this new technology.

NLP trading technology lets you record, store, and analyze critical data intuitively. Consequently, you can gain valuable insights from the collected text and voice. As a result of improved searchability, compliance practices are also more efficient.

Emmie - Your Virtual Assistant

Meet Emmie Your Virtual Assistant Created By Terranoha