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Digital innovative Solution

For Financial Services

Empower AI to  Digitalize

Fully Custom Automated Solution

  • Our APIs can be plugged to any unstructured data source
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Better user experience : requests answered way faster without changing user’s habits !
  • Reduced operationnal risks : secure automated workflow

Increase Productivity & Profitability

  • Our solutions automate the low touch activity
  • It reduces the amount of human intervention
  • Allowing ressources to focus on adding value for the client and capture more alpha
  • RFQ mecanism reduces risk of arbitrage & toxic flows


  • Our ID confirmation app prevents anybody but your approved users to connect to our solutions
  • Our AI generates an order only when it has been given all necessary information and conversational confirmations (acknowledgement) that all parameters of the order are correct
  • Automated workflow can be send to dealer intervention in specific cases, a less liquid product for instance

Audit Trail (mifid)

  • The data is YOURS
  • Historical data and realtime data is archived
  • Every step of a transaction, including negotiation, is available for reports and audit


  • We don’t need to know your clients, at all!

TERRANOHA Is a Unique Platform of AI
Connectivity Through APIs

Transforming Any Messaging System In A Powerful Financial Tool Delivering A New Standard Of Customer Service
Extend your Distribution

Intensify E-commerce distribution directly  across a range of channels while exploiting brand presence.

Automate Your Workflow

Provide 7/7 service to your customers, save time and avoid human errors in automating tedious tasks.

Be Agnostic

Engage your customers and users through the world’s most popular messaging apps and collaborative tools.

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TNA, a Technology Solutions Provider

Pioneers in AI and machine learnings with deep financial knowledge and markets expertise

Our AI, using NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) can digitalize any unstructured text or voice input  (chat, email, telephone etc), and using natural conversational mode will gather all needed information necessary to generate a standard message that can be handled with no human intervention.

TNA Smart Gateway
Connects Your Data Sources and Rules Your Order Routes.
TNA Digitalizer
Digitalizes Any Unstructured Text Into a Normalized Message: user sends a free text we send you a FIX normalized request.
TNA Smart Plugin
Distributes and Receives from Voice Trading Activities.

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