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ultra-fast connectivity

What is Terranoha

Terranoha is a ultra-low-latency worldwide financial connectivity provider.

With more than 80 pre-connected execution venues and 18 physical servers’ implantations in the most important exchanges and market places around the globe linking to a market proven global network and a solid and reliable 24/7  customer support, Terranoha aims at providing the best low latency connectivity service.

A pure SAAS, Terranoha can be simply plugged to any trading system using a simple API. All parameters can be set up through our cloud based dashboard, “The Lab” allowing to simulate and turn live multiple connections with more than 80 venues through our network.

In a fragmented market, Terranoha provides transparent, seamless and ultra-fast connectivity services through a single API.

We want to make your life and business easier by dynamically structuring your network and workflows.

    • SAAS (or FAAS for Fintec As A Service)
    • Ultra-Low Latency connection
    • Easy onboarding (Cloud based, no physical connection)
    • A single entry point to multiple cross connections

We Provide Connectivity

We are not brokers, we are not a trading platform, we simply allow institutional investors, brokers and Hedge funds to connect to the market with the fastest and most reliable network.

Connectivity is key to any professional trading activity.

Trading professionals need to be able to connect their platform to as many as necessary counter-parties through a fast and reliable network in order to access market data, place trades and manage post trades.

This might prove complicated, time consuming and very expensive to set up and maintain, especially for brokers who need to connect with their clients’ various platforms (through a FIX protocol most of the time).

Moreover, in order to make these connections profitable, connectivity contracts are often longtime and very expensive to break, even if the connection is no longer needed.

Finally, it is almost impossible to predict the bandwidth that will be necessary making very difficult to estimate the final costs.

Terranoha makes all of this easy, fast and cost effective:

  • A single point of access to be cross-connected with any client, liquidity pool or exchange
  • No bandwidth cost. Client pay by the connection.
  • No long-term binding contracts. You can add or remove connection as you go and your fees will be update on a monthly basis.
  • Onboarding only take a couple of days as all connection and network infrastructure are up and running, waiting for you.


Why work with us

Access or distribute liquidity effortlessly, without bothering about setting up connections with market places and maintaining them.

Ultra Low Latency

Terranoha provides genuinely ultra-low-latency connections to the markets through a unique API.

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Our network is truly global, providing access to more than 80 liquidity pool around the globe through a single API.

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Cost Effective

Our service is cost effective and allows for clean prices.

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Tailor your liquidity with a few clicks.

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Time Saving

Our solution is probably the quickest on the market and doesn’t necessitate any installation.

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Post Trade

Post trade management is key to a smooth execution and book management.

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TNA includes a Disaster Recovery procedure based on a set of dedicated IP addresses.

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Customer Service

Our customer supports composed of skilled specialists is available 24/7 to address any technical issue.

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The Lab

The lab is a Terranoha unique feature. It allows you, first to set up your network in a real time test  environment and then to adjust your live network in the same real time test environment.