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Trading Floors Work With
Conversational Data

Increasing workloads and increased competition pressure businesses to improve – to be more responsive, more agile, to improve customer satisfaction, and to cut expenses. However, resources are becoming scarcer as workloads increase.

Customer journeys and business processes rely on conversations – in chats, emails, and oral. Your customer’s needs, products, services, and processes are all gathered in every conversation.

Enhance Customer Experience & Operational Scalability

Make any message actionable. Automate your processes to increase operational scalability and enhance customer satisfaction.

A Cloud Service To
Automate Processes

Terranoha Connects to any channel of conversation.

With Terranoha connectors for all channels including email, chat, phone calls, we integrate the structured data into downstream financial applications via our bridges.

Automate Processes

Terranoha solution connects and allows communication between any messaging systems, TMS, OMS, trading systems, brokers.

Terranoha solution understands and harmonizes languages leveraging embedded AI for Natural Language Processing.

Terranoha automates users responses to save time and increase your scalability.

Use Cases

Emmie Mailbot Metal

Turn an email into a RFQ.

Chat to RFQ

Intervene only when your customers order rules are triggered.

Advisor Assistant

Ask @Emmie bot to assist you when dealing a client.

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Speak to our experts and understand how using Terranoha will help your organisation.

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