Robotic Process Automation

Terranoha makes RPA a reality for your company

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Digitize your workflow and automate your processes


Client Onboarding

Terranoha helps to collect, input, and analyze client data to ensure they comply with the regulatory and firm policies. Terranoha uses RPA in client onboarding process to improve regulatory compliance and reporting at a minimal cost. RPA will help gather and input a huge amount of structured data and maintain a complete audit trail.



Terranoha performs different types of reconciliations at various stages of the trade life-cycle, where huge amounts of data needs to be reconciled across systems. RPA is used as a tool to reconcile the data between two systems, identifying mismatches across datasets, to improve accuracy and productivity.



Terranoha uses RPA to create and send annual and quarterly reports to regulators and in standardizing client reporting. Our RPA can extract information from different internal and external systems, compare the information across systems and highlight the variances.

Terranoha works with you to guarantee a long term relationship based on trust and results

Opportunities Around Efficiency
Reduction Of Operational Risks
Increasing And Improving The Customer Experience
Increasing Productivity
Robotic Process Automation

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