A Built-in “Emmie” AI Engine To Understand Any Message

Machine Learning


Business Know-How

Emmie - Your Virtual Assistant

Meet Emmie Your Virtual Assistant Created By Terranoha

A virtual assistant understanding & interpreting multiplatform & multilanguage inputs from human thanks to the Natural Language Processing technology based on Machine Learning developments
A day-to-day assistance to manage user’s requests in real time 24×7 by structuring unstructured data
Sales and trading support from creating a request for quotation (RFQ) from a message in a fast and secure way, from processing a deal to providing reports
Internal operations management support to speed up administrative and repetitive tasks and facilitate complex and timeconsuming operations
Send your RFQs directly to Emmie

EMMIE will receive and respond to general enquiries and requests on your behalf — allowing you to focus only on the complex ones.

Emmie has the capabilities to process text-based inputs, understand the intent and respond automatically to users

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