Streamlined Document Management and Error-Free Data Consolidation for Logistics

OCR & Document Processing

Document Management and Information Validation Process

  1. The user progressively uploads all received documents for the same journey, including a poor-quality handwritten document
  2. The documents are analyzed and structured
  3. The information is stored in a database. The weight of the cargo is missing from the handwritten document due to its poor quality
  4. The journey information is consolidated into a single row in a summary table.
  5. The user notices the missing information and manually updates it
  6. The new information is automatically updated in the summary table, ensuring all correct information is now available for the document!

Other Trading Automation Use Cases

Chat to RFQ – Equities

Intervene only when your customers order rules are triggered.

Advisor Assistant & Audit Trail

Ask @Emmie bot to assist you when dealing a client.

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