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One API to the entire crypto market

Our Pioneering Feature: A Single API

At the heart of Terranoha SA’s offering is our groundbreaking single API, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your cryptocurrency trading experience. This unique feature offers unmatched connectivity and integration, providing a gateway to a vast range of crypto markets through just one interface.

API Crypto Trading

Compliant Text Messages

Simplified Integration

Connecting with multiple counterparties traditionally requires managing a tangled web of various APIs, each with its own unique specifications and requirements. It’s a complicated, time-consuming process, fraught with potential errors and inconsistencies.

Our single API eliminates these challenges. No more wrestling with disparate systems or dealing with confusing, mismatched interfaces. Just one API, one integration, and you have a streamlined, efficient, and unified way to connect with all your counterparties. This greatly reduces the complexity and burden of managing multiple connections, saving you time and resources.

The future of cryptocurrency trading is here, and it’s streamlined, accessible, and efficient.
One single API to access all markets


Enhanced Efficiency

The single API facilitates quicker, more efficient communication between you and your counterparties. With a faster and more seamless trading process, you're better equipped to seize opportunities in the fast-paced world of crypto trading.


Consistent Experience

By providing a single point of contact for all your counterparties, Terranoha's API ensures you have a consistent trading experience, regardless of which markets you are trading in. All your information, from RFQs to complex order books, is standardised and presented in a uniform format, making it easier to interpret and act upon.


Security and Stability

Terranoha's API is designed with a strong emphasis on security and stability, ensuring your connection to the crypto market is not only convenient but also highly secure and reliable. With continuous updates and rigorous maintenance, we ensure that your link to the crypto world through our single API remains solid, safe, and stable at all times.


Revolutionary Crypto API

Our single API is more than just a feature; it’s a game-changer. It simplifies, streamlines, and secures your crypto trading, letting you focus on what truly matters - making the best trading decisions. With Terranoha SA, your gateway to the whole crypto market is in one place. It's one API away.


Request for Quote (RFQs)

Our RFQ service revolutionizes the way you engage with market liquidity. Trade any strategy, any size, visibly or anonymously, using two-sided quotes from liquidity providers. Our sophisticated system ensures that whether you're trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or an emerging token, you can easily get the pricing information you need, in real-time, to make the most informed decisions possible.


Complex Order Books

Our platform isn’t just for executing trades; it’s a strategic tool. With our on-demand complex order books, you can take an active role in shaping your trading strategy. You're not just reacting to the market; you're influencing it. Hit the bid, lift the offer, or enhance your price by resting a limit order. It's trading power, delivered your way.


Information is power, and with Terranoha’s unified market view, you can wield that power effectively. No more switching between screens or wrestling with mismatched formats. All RFQs and complex order books are visible on the screen of your choice. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Slack, or a client frontend screen, you can customize your experience to suit your needs.

Unified Market View
Single & Multi-Dealer RFQs
With Terranoha, you can trade transparently to build reputation or anonymously for utmost discretion, without compromising either.
Infinite Crypto Instruments
Terranoha offers a wide range of crypto instruments, including staple cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, security tokens, utility tokens, NFTs, and crypto derivatives like futures and options, empowering you with diverse choices.
Unleash Potential with a Variety of Strategies
Terranoha provides traders with the tools and access to execute a wide range of strategies, catering to every individual’s unique preferences, from simple long and short positions to complex options trading and DeFi yield farming.

Crypto Streaming Use Case

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