Compliant Messaging

Provide clients with services wherever they are

Maintain compliance without sacrificing digital differentiation

Send and receive chat messages securely through Terranoha. Ensure that all conversations can be captured and retained through surveillance. Centralize multiple communication channels into a single, compliance-approved platform chosen by your company such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Compliant messaging

Compliant Text Messages

Channels with high impact

Text messages are opened by 99% of recipients, making them an effective communication and engagement tool. Clients, contacts, or employees can be reached on their phones at their convenience and preference.

Send urgent notifications and time-sensitive requests via text to drive traffic to your platform or portal.

Communicate more personally with clients using their preferred messaging system

Support and enhance your relationship management by providing highly personalized responses.
Connect advisors with high-net-worth clients and expand your reach into major emerging markets like LATAM.
Use the Terranoha Emmie AI Engine to automate routine queries and requests to deliver enhanced high-touch value.
Clients using their preferred messaging system

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