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Can you relate with these situations?


We have an app/ client portal for customers to trade


A lot of our clients are not sophisticated traders


They keep sending us email/chat to trade


We need to manually process those emails


This is generating error risk


This is time consuming


Risk of missing some requests


Clients do not get answers in a timely manner

Terranoha Value Proposition

Terranoha value proposition
OTC Trading Automation

1 Terranoha gather all data and conversational inputs through secured connections

Trough a secured connection, we gather all the manual and conversational inputs done through and received by your organization: RFQs, messages, trades, post-trades, reporting requests etc…

2 Terranoha Emmie AI engine understands those inputs and turns them into actionable data

And use our technology based on AI and ML to connect, understand all those inputs from different sources and turn them into actionable data

3 Once the data is structured and normalized, processes can then be automated within the client ecosystem: FO, MO, BO, Risk, … and automatic answers to can be triggered

That way we can automate those manual processes, helping different teams in the front, middle and back office, with real-time responses free of human-error risk, enhancing the UX of both employees and clients.

before Terranoha forex with Terranoha forex

FX Liquidity Distribution Use Case

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