Email RFQ automation is a valuable tool for streamlining trading workflow. It allows traders to quickly and efficiently send and receive Request for Quotation (RFQ) emails to counterparties. This automation simplifies the process of obtaining competitive quotes, allowing traders to make fast and accurate decisions on their trades.

RFQ automation via Email allows traders to send out an RFQ email to multiple counterparties at once. This simplifies the process of gathering quotes and allows traders to quickly compare the pricing offered by different counterparties. The trader can then make a decision based on the most favorable quote.

In addition, it can be used to store and organize data from previous RFQs. This makes it easier for traders to identify and compare historical pricing trends, allowing them to make informed decisions on their trades.

Reduces the amount of time spent manually sending and receiving RFQ emails. This allows traders to focus more of their time on analyzing data, making decisions, and executing trades. It also ensures that traders respond quickly to market movements, allowing them to take advantage of trading opportunities.

Overall, RFQ automation via Email is a powerful tool for streamlining trading workflow. By simplifying the process of obtaining quotes, storing and organizing data, and reducing manual labor, it helps traders make better decisions, save time, and maximize their profits.

As the introduction of the RFQ function continues to benefit global markets, traders and brokers require the capability to interact electronically with RFQs. Terranoha provides a system to receive, handle, and monitor structured product RFQ requests coming from client emails. The system offers several key features, such as incoming RFQs being received and dispatched via email, RFQs being displayed, monitored, and edited via a unique interface, and the ability to send replies by email in the client’s format once priced. The advantages of using the Terranoha RFQ automatization solution are numerous, including increased trading process efficiencies, reduced quotation response time leading to improved client satisfaction, compliance with best-execution obligations, elimination of risk and uncertainty, and reduced potential errors by communicating electronically.

Use case

Mailbot – LME Nickel RFQ

Turn an email into a RFQ.