The introduction of the RFQ function continues to have a positive impact on global markets, and traders and brokers need the capability to interact with RFQs electronically.

With Terranoha you can receive, handle, and monitor structured product RFQ requests from clients via any messaging systems/email. Traders and Brokers reduce errors and save time.

Terranoha ‘s RFQ automation solution allows you to:

  • RFQ requests can be received and handled via messaging systems/email
  • Keep track of the different RFQ statuses and main characteristics in real-time
  • Pricing RFQ requests using external pricers (manually or automatically)
  • Produce the appropriate responses
  • Send the responses by any kind of channel (Messaging system / Emails / FIX / Json)

Terranoha opens up a whole new world of automated RFQ trading

Terranoha AI engine (Emmie) is a breakthrough technology designed to behave like a desk – flexible automation that thinks and behaves just like you. We have trade automation solutions for almost every type of workflow, whether you want to improve certainty or speed.

Ensure high-quality pricing and execution at scale

Terranoha simplifies trading at scale, allowing you to price RFQs and trade at scale effectively and efficiently. You gain total control with zero technology build and lower costs with our flexible tools and expertise.

Emmie - Your Virtual Assistant

Meet Emmie Your Virtual Assistant Created By Terranoha