Our network is truly global, providing access to more than 80 liquidity pool around the globe through a single API via more than 18 physical point of presence into the server rooms of the most important exchanges and market places.

Whether you want to grant access to your own liquidity or access others’ liquidity pools, the quality of your network infrastructure is key. Such an infrastructure has to be regularly upgraded and maintained in order to keep up with the market evolution.

TNA offers connectivity to the most advanced trading infrastructure relying on proprietary fiber optic connections to the major market places around the globe accessible through a single, fully cloud based, SAAS connectivity service and API.

Our connectivity services are available through a simple internet connection, without any further installation or physical connection. We call it FAAS, Fintech as a service.

When using our connectivity services, you don’t have to worry about any upgrade or maintenance of the infrastructure. We do it for you, constantly.