Why TNA Solutions

Fully Custom Automated Solution

  • Our APIs can be plugged to any unstructured feed source
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Better user experience : requests answered way faster without changing user’s habits !
  • Reduced operationnal risks : secure automated workflow

Increase Productivity & Profitability

  • Our solutions automate the low touch activity
  • It reduces the amount of human intervention
  • Allowing ressources to focus on adding value for the client and capture more alpha
  • RFQ mecanism reduces risk of arbitrage & toxic flows


  • Our ID confirmation app prevents anybody but your approved users to connect to our solutions
  • Our AI generates an order only when it has been given all necessary information and conversational confirmations (acknowledgement) that all parameters of the order are correct
  • Automated workflow can be send to dealer intervention in specific cases, a less liquid product for instance

Audit Trail (mifid)

  • The data is YOURS
  • Historical data and realtime data is archived
  • Every step of a transaction, including negotiation, is available for reports and audit


  • We don’t need to know your clients, at all!

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