TNA Smart Plugin

With TNA Smart Plugin, you will increase your distribution efficiency without efforts and without changing your customers habits.

Indeed, all your clients free natural language requests done via chat, email or voice are digitalized by TNA Smart Plugin.

Once the original message is digitalized, it is sent to the TNA Smart Gateway which runs workflows and routing.

With TNA Smart Plugin all parties will  add value to their businesses. 

TNA Digital Distribution Optimizer

  • Chat trading via all major messaging systems across the board (Whatsapp, WeChat, Slack, Symphony, FB messenger etc…)
  • Email intent decrypted to automate processes and generate a reply.
  • Voice trading for your customers to generate IOI or orders.
  • NLU and NLP based AI can be plugged to any unstructured messaging system through our Json API.
  • Works with voice messages.
  • Structuring messages into RFQ/RFS/RFD.

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