TNA Smart Gateway

TNA Smart Gateway connects your data wherever/whatever your source and destination are.

TNA Smart Gateway Connectivity Platform is the foundation of Terranoha solutions.

Smart Gateway routes messages and runs workflow

  1. The message sent by the user in his own format or from his own system is captured by the custom user adapter inbound plugin
  2. Smart Gateway receives the client’s message and normalizes the message in TNA Fix format
  3. Smart Gateway checks the message to determine its possible treatment and route
  4. Smart Gateway De-normalizes the message into the destination protocol (TNA Fix format to the user outgoing format) and sends the translated message.

All steps are dully recorded enabling all types of audit, compliance, regulatory and security reporting.


  • All message formats (including all FIX versions and proprietary protocols)
  • Across asset classes, across business lines


  • Customized destinations, enrichments, modules, and user rights
  • Multiple modules (risk, execution, copy trade)‏
  • Adapts to evolving requirements / shifts in activity
  • Scalable solution: build it step by step

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