TNA Digitizer


TNA Digitizer helps you to streamline and optimize your business by:

  • Digitalizing any unstructured text into a digitalized message (user sends a free text we send you a normalized request)
  • Reply automatically including pricing and execution reports to any written or voice communication channel
  • Increasing profitability & productivity as well as reducing operationnal risks.

We use Artificial Intelligence to recognize intents in unstructured messages and generate Request for Quote and Request for Deal, thus providing your client with a trading bot able to make requests on any cross-asset market and in multiple languages.

Our AIusing NLU(Natural Language Understanding) and NLP(Natural Language Processing) can digitalize any unstructured text or voice input (chat, email, telephone etc), and using natural conversational mode will gather all needed information necessary to generate a standard message that can be handled with no human intervention.

The digitalized message is only generated when the AI  have all the necessary and precise enough information’s to safely generate the order and launch the automated workflows. Dealer intervention may be activated for specific reasons, a less liquid asset for example.

Through Machine Learning, our AI becomes more efficient after each transaction.

Our digital distribution solutions are aimed at streamlining and optimizing your business.

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