Unlock The Value of The Data Regardless The Source

Innovative, Powerful, Technology

Easily transmit your data through Terranoha ’s fast, stable and accurate platform using our adaptors.

Desks are inundated with many different data sources that are structured and unstructured. There is a lot of actionable intelligence buried within this data. Terranoha extracts, structures and normalizes them.

Terranoha adaptor allows various data source to be structured and normalized. If your data flows to Terranoha, you can run workflows and automate processes right on.

Using Terranoha Adaptor You Can:

Turn an excel spreadsheet in an industry standard interface such as FIX protocol

Turn a chat message into a FIX or REST message

Turn a FIX message in a REST message

Connect any system and make them “speak” together

Our Adaptors Empower Our Micro Services And AI Modules To:

Extend the life of existing trading applications and systems

Spend your valuable time with things other than connectivity communications

Rely on strong, fast and secure Terranoha infrastructure

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